Coloured Cards

Coloured Cards

The next steps were taken slowly, one by one. lol


Card Fun

Card Fun

Making Some Cards Using My Art.

Other kids would always ask me to draw them something and when I asked what they wanted many of them didn’t know what to say.
I started with portraits during class. When I had finished the in class task, I would start drawing one of the kids as a secret. But I drew them on the cover of my folders and they started asking if they could keep the drawings.
That was when I drew on the inside of Christmas cards and birthdays for them. I decided to make whole cards, so they could use them too.

Upcycle – Reuse

I have a tendency to wear socks out a little faster than I should because I wear them every where, all day, inside and out for the occasional trip up and down the driveway or out to the garden.
So getting holes in the bottom of my socks is nothing exciting, But when the elastic is still good around the ankle it kind of irritates me that I have wasted another pair of socks (without fully wearing them out). 😉
Well I have been trying to think of ideas I could use them for because the top of the material  is still fine. Depending on the material type and the sock length, I think can also give different ideas to how the material can be reused.
Here is what I came up with for these ankle length ones.
Hair Elastics:
I measured (well, guessed) how much length I would need for the hair elastic and to allow for the selvage edge (a rough edge that you fold under to protect the material from unraveling).
I used the elastic as a rough measure for my folding length.

With this pair, I decided to cut the loose frays so there were no extra bulks on the inside.

After pinning it all around, I used a zig zag stitch to allow for the stretch of the elastic. As I went around, I held the material back a bit, sewing it with the elastic slightly stretched so that when the elastic pulls back together it pulls the sewn zig zag thread closer as well.
(I hope that made sense)

And there you go. That was the first one I made. I was actually going to fold the elastic again to make the rest more stretchy, but thought this look is quite cute.

Please let me know if you have any further ideas or new ideas to try.
And always, Share your own creative upcycle/reusable ideas too! We Love Them! ^_^